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Open Source film wins prize.

Posted by Patrick on December 4, 2008

Montreal filmmaker Brett Gaylor’s documentary exploring copyright issues in the information age has won the top audience award at the 21st International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.

His RiP: A Remix Manifesto won the 5,000-euro ($7,900 Cdn) Dioraphte Audience Award on Saturday. It is voted on by the 40,000 audience members at the Amsterdam documentary festival who rate each film from “hopeless” to “superb.”

RiP: A Remix Manifesto is an open source documentary that investigates the implications of the current legal climate that has movie studios and record producers suing ordinary citizens.

The film was created over six years, collaboratively remixing the work of hundreds of people who contributed to a website [1]

You can watch a preview of the film on their website [2]. Also, one of the man in the documentary is Larry Lessig, professor law at the Standford Law School. He gave an excellent talk on TED [3] that provides a lot of background information on the topic of culture and copyright. Another one is Cory Doctorow [4], co-editor of BoingBoing [5], who puts all of his novels (mostly science fiction and pop culture essays) as free Creative-Commons [6] download on his website. His book “Content” is an especially good overview of the topic. [7]


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