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Posted by Patrick on May 11, 2010

A few weeks ago [1], I read an article about the importance of decentralizing the social web so that each of us can have control over our online identities.  In his talk, Eben Moglen [2] outlined how easy it would be to create cheap mini-servers (no bigger than cell phones) that could accomplish this task.  According to him, the hardware already exists and all that’s needed is the software making it all work.

Soon after Moglen shared his vision, a brilliant group of university students decided to start the Diaspora Project [3] to create that software.  They managed to raise enough money to devote themselves to this project full time for the entire summer vacation.  Their promise: a first iteration of Diaspora released under the GPL by September 2010.

  1. Patrick Truchon, Re-Decentralizing the Internet, <>
  2. Eben Moglen, Freedom in the Cloud, <>
  3. Diaspora, Kickstarter Pitch, <>

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