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Gender Trap

Posted by Patrick on May 26, 2012

I just finished listening to the second part of CBC’s Ideas: The Gender Trap (Part [1], Part [2])  This series explores the sources of the gender differences we observe.  Are they innate or cultural (or both)?  It’s the old “nature vs nurture” question.

Part 2, however, focuses on a “Toronto family [who] decided not to reveal the sex of their newborn baby. Only nine people in the world know whether baby Storm is a boy or a girl. The parents believe that, like stereotypes about race and class, gender stereotypes constrict individual identity” [2]

Listening to that part, I couldn’t help thinking that these parents were on the right track, but 100 years too early (sadly).  It made me think about this excellent science fiction novella by William Shunn called Inclination. [3]  It tells the story of a youngster who is exposed to a drastically different culture where gender (and much more) is fluid.  It’s a story about self-identity and acceptance.


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