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Long Time no Post

Posted by Patrick on January 21, 2014

I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I last posted something here.

Partly, I think that when I stopped teaching (a year and a half ago), my need to process and reflect on new ideas decreased somewhat.  It’s a bit sad, but teaching was one of the most intellectually challenging things I’ve ever done, and I feel that I’m becoming a little dumber now that I’m not teaching anymore.

My shrinking brain is not the only reason for moving away from this site though.  For years, I’ve been trying to use more decentralized services that I directly control.  It’s hard to stop using cloud services like this site or Google Apps, but I’ve made good progress.  So far, my setup consists of:

  • An old Macbook that I set up as an always-on server (which we also use as our TV) on which I installed:
  • Pagekite, an open source reverse proxy tool that gives my Macbook an address:
  • DokuWiki, a simple to use  Open Source wiki platform:
    (Although it’s a wiki, I use it more as a public platform that I alone can edit.  I also installed a LaTeX plugin that allows me to type math very easily.)
  • Owncloud, a “private” Google Apps replacement:
    • I use this to store and share files on the “cloud” (that’s physically sitting in my living room),
    • To sync my contacts between my computer and my Android devices, and
    • To sync and share my calendars between my computer, my Android devices, and Justine’s calendars

I haven’t figured out a better way of blogging yet, but I still post “playful” explorations on my wiki from time to time.  For example, here’s one exploring what the Moon would look like if it were as close to the Earth as the International Space Station is.

I don’t know what I’ll end up doing with this site.  It’ll probably die when I find a blogging platform that I can host on the Macbook.  In the mean time, there’s a few ideas that I want to explore.

Stay tuned…


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